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Through technology we have the ability to build a more equal world

what is digital poverty

Technology and the world of digital services has advanced at such a rapid rate that many of us take for granted the ease and convenience with which it allows us to go about our daily lives. However millions of individual and families across the UK are getting left behind.

Right now thousands of children don't have a suitable device to get online to access their school's education resources. Homeschooling is hard enough, but impossible without a device.

"11.3million adults lack essential digital skills"* for life and work. The impact of this means tasks such as finding & applying for a job, booking a virtual GP appointment or managing online banking are simply not an option. 

The ever increasing gap in digital literacy across the UK only works to increase the inequality we see in our society and puts so many at an unfair disadvantage. 

Join us in trying to be part of the solution.

*[1] Statistics sourced from the Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2020

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Kids with Capes

"To be more digital is to be more human. Transformation success today is all about making things better for humanity and technology has a key role in achieveing this. "

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